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Relieving Balm w/ Full Spectrum Hemp Extract (550 mg)

Relieving Balm w/ Full Spectrum Hemp Extract (550 mg)


This new soothing cream provides relief of aches, pains and soreness.   The  ingredients include  MCT oil,  organic beeswax, organic cocoa butter, organic shea butter, organic herb extracts (calendula flower, St. John’s Wort, arnica, peppermint, comfrey root), and our premium full spectrum hemp extract (including 550 mg CBD).

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SEEDS: Along with water, soil and sun, it all begins with seeds sown in organic Colorado soil. High CBD hemp plants are used to produce all Pure Kind Botanicals™ products.

LEGALITIES: PureHemp Technology LLC (PureHemp) processes hemp into cannabinoid products for Pure Kind Botanicals™. Prior to processing, PureHemp ensures that the hemp is sown consistent with all of the rules and regulations developed by the Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA). Prior to harvesting, the CDA tests the hemp to ensure that the level of THC is below the legal limit of 0.3%. Letters generated and signed by the CDA regarding the legalities of sowing and harvesting hemp are required by Pure Kind Botanicals™. Pure Kind Botanicals™ only processes hemp grown in organic soil.

HARVEST: During the fall, freshly harvested hemp is cured indoors for at least one week prior to being processed into two portions: the stalks, and the leaves, buds and flowers. The stalks undergo separate processing while the cannabinoids from the leaves, buds and flowers are extracted and used to produce Pure Kind Botanicals™ products.

PROCESSING: PureHemp has developed a proprietary ethanol extraction process that recovers the full spectrum cannabinoid profile from industrial hemp leaves, buds and flowers. Carrier oils such as coconut, hemp seed and grape seed from organic sources can be used to create Pure Kind Botanicals™ cannabinoid-infused products. Alternatively, the hemp oil can be distilled to produce higher purity oil and refined such that cannabidiol (CBD) is isolated from the other components. This crystallized product is commonly known as CBD isolate and consistently exceeds 99% purity.

CANNABINOID PROFILE: Below is a typical profile of the major cannabinoids in our infused products on a weight percent basis. Not included are the dozens of minor cannabinoids that are contained in very low concentrations. Having all of the major and minor cannabinoids present is commonly known as “full spectrum,” as opposed to the isolate powder which typically contains only the cannabinoid CBD.


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